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Do you have to settle for mediocre insect repellent?  Do all repellents have to spray on, rub on, wipe on, clip on, stink up, burn up, smoke up and fade out?  Should you have to apply every 2 hours?  Why should you have to shower after each use?

Don’t settle any more.  Sprinkle Nature Barrier® granular repellent on the ground in a perimeter around the area you choose and that’s it.  No touching, no wearing, no clean up.

All Natural Granular
Repellent for Ground

Sprinkle, Wait, Enjoy, Repeat.

Watch this Video to Find Out How It Works!

Protection from the Ground Up

You should expect more from your repellent.  Most people think to get effective protection; you have to settle for chemical sprays, or worse, clip expensive units to your pocket and try not to inhale the fumes.  And to find a good smelling repellent; well, there isn’t any.  Nature Barrier® isn’t for the person on the go, but for the outdoor lover who wants to sit and enjoy the sunset.  We’re the original granular repellent for ground application using pure essential oils for 95% repellency and a gentle fragrance.  So when you’re ready to relax and soak up the great outdoors, sprinkle Nature Barrier® first and expect more from your outdoor experience.

  • Amazingly sweet soothing scent
  • Long lasting – Up to 24 hours
  • EPA exempt – Surpasses EPA standards
  • No clean up required – 100% biodegradable
  • Safe around free range chickens
  • Safe around free range children
  • Use on any dry ground surface, including sand
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