Nature Barrier


The Product

Nature Barrier® is not your normal repellent. It’s not a messy spray or lotion that you apply to yourself. It’s not a smelly candle that you burn and then try to avoid inhaling the fumes. It’s a new twist on an old idea. Nature Barrier® is a granular form that protects you from the ground up without you evening knowing it.

The Ingredients

The ingredients used in Nature Barrier® are all natural. That means that the ingredients have been extracted directly from plants as opposed to being produced synthetically. The extracted liquid oils are called essential oils and take on the scent and characteristics of the plant from which it is obtained. The essential oils used in Nature Barrier® are very specific for two reasons.

First, each oil was carefully evaluated and tested based on its effectiveness against a number of flying and biting insects such as mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, gnats, biting flies, and chiggers. Based on the results of that testing, a “recipe” was formulated with just the right amount of complimenting oil to work together to deter insects from entering the treated area.

Secondly, all of the oils used in the recipe are exempt from EPA regulation due to their “minimum risk” status. According to the Environmental Protection Agency’s definition, “Minimum risk pesticides are a special class of pesticides that are not subject to federal registration requirements because their ingredients, both active and inert, are demonstrably safe for the intended use.”

In addition to being safe and effective, the granules used in Nature Barrier® are 100% biodegradable. They’re made from ground up corn cobs, a byproduct that is plentiful here in the Midwest.

It Smells Great

An overwhelming complaint against insect repellents, natural or otherwise, is the fact that they stink! Unnatural sprays and lotions smell like DEET or other nasty chemicals while natural products smell heavily of garlic, mint, or another repelling oil that makes up the bulk of the ingredients list.

Essential oils are very strong and adding them in large quantities is extremely overpowering. Have you ever purchased a natural product and thrown it away without using it because it stunk so badly?

Nature Barrier® is different. Upon opening the bottle, you will immediately be washed in the sweet citrus scent of citronella. You will then sense the undertones of the clove and mint oil while also noticing the nice woodsy scent of cedar oil that grounds the entire fragrance. I’m not kidding. It’s that nice. In fact, Nature Barrier® repellent has been mistaken for a perfume, an air freshener, and a carpet scent. I guess you could use it for all that, but it works nice as a repellent, too.

How it’s applied – From the ground up

When we were developing Nature Barrier®, we wanted to address the problem of wearing repellent. It’s true no one wants to touch it or smell like it or put it on their face or put it on their kids face or put it on their dogs face! Wearing repellent just isn’t comfortable and could be potentially dangerous to the right person. But if you don’t wear it, where do you apply it? How about on the ground around the area that you’re occupying?

Nature Barrier® is applied by sprinkling a one foot wide barrier around the perimeter of the area you want protected. Apply the product about 30 minutes before you use the area. If you don’t, the insects have already found you and it takes much longer for them to leave. If you wait, the scent has an opportunity to warm up on the ground and give off a “scent cloud” that will rise from the ground up, protecting you from head to toe. Sprinkling Nature Barrier® in a circular pattern also protects you in all directions, creating a barrier on all sides.

The perfectly blended scent is the secret. It’s confusing to biting insects and they have a very difficult time locating you (and the CO2 that you exhale). Eventually, they leave the area and don’t come back while the scent persists. Rule of thumb – if you can smell it, it’s working. If not, apply more.

24 Hours of protection

Another complaint about insect repellent is the longevity of repellency. The label is always optimistic about the length of protection but rarely holds true. On average, a natural product must be reapplied about every 2 hours. Chemical based products will last longer, averaging 4 to 6 hours. Nature Barrier® will last up to 24 hours and beyond. Of course, there are certain conditions that will shorten the life of the product, such as a heavy rain, but under optimal conditions you won’t have any problem getting up to 24 hours. How can we be so bold? We’ve hired really smart people to work in the lab who know a thing or two about essential oils. They’ve mixed a few secrets in each bottle that help to slowly release the essential oils so the product doesn’t burn out too quick. Our proprietary method also helps Nature Barrier® store well when not in use and if you don’t get fantastic results, we’ll take it back, no questions asked.

No need to clean up or wash off

Typically, you’ll want to wash the repellent off your body as soon as possible or remove your saturated clothes once you’re done using them. With Nature Barrier®, there is no clean up. Since essential oils are volatile, they will eventually evaporate and lose their scent or get washed off with a good rain. The granules, which are made from ground corn cobs, will break down and go back into the soil. No muss, no fuss.

Nature Barrier® won’t harm beneficial insects

A product that has recently entered the market is the pesticide spray for your lawn. You attach the bottle of liquid pesticide to your garden hose and spray it all over your grass. After letting it dry, it has killed every bug in sight, including the beneficial ones.

A nasty side effect of lawn sprays is that it doesn’t just kill the mosquitoes and ticks; it also kills the butterflies, earthworms, dragonflies, and beneficial organisms that break down thatch in your lawn. You essentially kill the entire ecosystem of your grass trying to eliminate a few pests.

Nature Barrier® was designed to keep out the biting insects and allow the beneficial insects and birds to move around freely without harm. Furthermore, Nature Barrier® is a repellent, not a nonselective killing pesticide or insecticide. It’s even safe to use around plants.