Nature Barrier


What are essential oils?

Essential oils are volatile liquid oils, usually having the characteristic odor or flavor of the plant from which it is obtained. Oils are used to make products such as perfumes, flavorings and medicinal products.

Is citronella oil safe and effective?

Yes. Read what the government’s own Environmental Protection Agency’s fact sheet states:

Oil of Citronella has been used for over 50 years as an insect repellent and as an animal repellent. It is found in many familiar insect repellent products: candles, lotions, gels, sprays and towelette wipes. These products, which vary in efficacy, repel various insects, some of which are public health pests, such as mosquitoes, biting flies and fleas. When used according to the label, citronella products are not expected to cause harm to humans, pets or the environment.

Use Sites and Target Pests

Target pests: Repels various specific insects including mosquitoes, black flies, fleas, and ticks.

Assessing Risks to Human Health – In studies using laboratory animals, Oil of Citronella shows little or no toxicity.

The only concern is skin irritation. Because some products are applied to human skin, EPA requires proper precautionary labeling to help assure safe use. Therefore, if used according to label instructions, citronella is not expected to pose health risks to people, including children and other sensitive populations.

Oil of Citronella has been used extensively since 1948 without any reports of adverse effects of concern.

Assessing Risks to the Environment – Based on laboratory animal studies, Oil of Citronella poses minimal or no risks to wildlife. Because of the low toxicity and limited uses of Oil of Citronella, it is not harmful to the environment. No adverse effects are expected for use around the home.

Due to the specific oils used in Nature Barrier, it is classified as a Minimum Risk Pesticide. What is a Minimum Risk Pesticide?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency’s definition, “Minimum risk pesticides are a special class of pesticides that are not subject to federal registration requirements because their ingredients, both active and inert, are demonstrably safe for the intended use.”

Is Nature Barrier® a pesticide or a repellent?

Nature Barrier® is a repellent, meaning it does not kill insects like a pesticide does. Instead, it is an offensive odor that confuses insects and causes them to leave the area. The federal government classifies all repellents, natural or otherwise, as pesticides.

Is Nature Barrier® safe to use around children?

Yes. Nature Barrier® is designed so that the product does not have to be applied to the skin of children, therefore decreasing the chance of an incident. A small percentage of the population, typically young children and people with sensitive skin, may develop skin irritation from contacting certain essential oils. If it does occur, simply wash the affected area with soap and water to remove the oil.

What is the proper way to apply Nature Barrier?

The proper way to apply Nature Barrier® is by sprinkling a barrier, about 1 foot wide, in a circular perimeter around the area to be occupied. Heavily infested areas may require more product. It’s best to start with a minimum amount and increase the application as needed. It is very important to apply Nature Barrier® at least 20 minutes before occupying the area. If this is not done, the insects have already found you and it will take much longer to get rid of them.

What surfaces can Nature Barrier® be applied to?

Nature Barrier® can be poured on DRY ground surfaces such as grass, rocks, gravel, and cement areas. It can be used around decks, patios, fire pits, gardens, hot tubs, garage doors, yard lights, children’s play areas, picnic areas, outdoor pet kennels, horse stalls and anywhere you and your pet need protection.

What surfaces should Nature Barrier® not be applied to?

We do not recommend applying Nature Barrier® to fragrant sensitive surfaces such as paint, plastic and varnish. The percentage of oil in Nature Barrier® is very small but it is possible to cause damage.

What happens to the product when it rains?

Once it rains, Nature Barrier® will become less and less effective. The essential oils will wash away leaving behind the granules to break down naturally. The ground must be dry before reapplying Nature Barrier.