Nature Barrier
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With NAture Barrier all natural insect repellent, the insects that need to be in my garden get to be there and the things that are pests stay out. - Sharon B, avid gardener The great thing about Nature Barrier is it's like a force field.  Bugs don't want to get in and they don't bite my kids.  I love it! - Katie M, mother of three Van Den Heuvel's Nature Barrier

Nature Barrier™ Brand 10oz Canister

Product Information

Net. Wt. 10oz(284g)
Effective: 09/15/2012


Environmental Insect Repellent granules are packaged in a white plastic bottle with a net weight of 10 oz. The bottle is (HxD) 7.0 x 2.5 inches iwth a full color wrap around label and a dual purpose cap for pouring or sprinkling.

Case Pack Information

6 units (2 rows with 3 units per row)
Weight - 4.5 lbs.(2.04kg)
Size(LxWxH) - 8.5x5.75x7.125
Cube - .2015

Pallet Pack Information

33 cases per tier - 6 tiers high (198 case packs / 1,188 units)
Weight - 940 lbs.(426kg) / (Weight includes pallet)
Size(LxWxH) - 40 x 48 x 49
Standard Four Way 40 x 48 wood pallets stretch wrapped with no overhang.
Cube - 54.4444

Truckload Information

18 pallets per truckload (3,564 case packs / 21,384 units)
Weight - 16,920 lbs.(7,675kg)
Nature Barrier Can Non-consumer customer service:
of fax 1.217.429.5400
- ask for Mike King.

Corporate Mailing Address:
Organic Alternatives, LLC.
18268 State Hwy 27
Cornell, WI 54732

Shipping & Returns Address:
1405 Mari Mann Ln.
Decatur, IL 62521-9580

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10ox. Granular Shaker
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